Point Score – R1 10.10.21: It was great to be back

Yesssssssssssssss!  It was great to be back last week with a new season of Pointscore.  Lots of first timers taking part, excellent times being set and a host of promotions to Silver and Gold groups.

A massive thank you to all, competitors, parents/carers , volunteers and organizers who made last weekend’s event such a success, particularly considering we were competing against the many road closures in the area due to the GM Marathon.

This is the first event we’ve held in 18 months and the first we’ve managed completely without any face-2-face conversations with members on how the event runs.  For all those first time participants, we hope the messages we shared were clear and helped you all enjoy the competition.

Well done to all the swimmers setting their R1 times for season 21/22 (see below) and to all of you promoted to the next group:

Promoted from Bronze to Silver: Maude; Gabrielle; Mia; Niamh; Anna; Adele; Shogo

Promoted from Silver to Gold: Lois; Seren; Aimee; Erin; Aziza; Frederick; Jota


211010_Pointscore Promotions

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