Swim England Covid-19 advice (10 March)

Update 12.03.2020: Government advice expanded to state if you show symptoms of coronavirus, then you should self isolate and dial 111 for advice.  
With advice from Government to continue “as normal” (noting below) on gatherings at certain numbers, plus the intention to maintain school provision, our swimming provision will continue.

Since our earlier post at the weekend, SE have published on line their advice, found in the following link.  Using the embedded NHS link will inform you of travel risk, symptoms and precautions.  There’s also a piece on pool safety embedded from The Pool Water Treatment & Advisory Group , indicating it is generally safe to go swimming noting advise on showering pre- and post- pool.

Swim England Covid-19 Advice

Our message follows this advice and that as issued by Government and Public Health England:

1 shower before entering the pool area

2 shower after swimming

3 follow the good hygiene advice provided nationally, e.g. regular washing of hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds

4 cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, with a tumusdue (dispose afterwards in a bun), hankie or sleeve, avoiding to touch your face.

5 if you feel unwell, please avoid attending sessions

6 avoid any unnecessary travel

Swim England advice : Covid-19

The Club takes advice from Swim England on this subject, which advises members and athletes to follow all appropriate Government advice, in summary:

Wash hands; avoid travel to defined areas; if unwell, dial 111 and self isolate until tested and cleared.

The Club continues to train at Stretford and compete in events.

The Swim England advice is below:

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

The welfare of all our athletes, coaches, workforce and volunteers is of paramount importance.

This communication is designed to inform and contains relevant links to the most up-to-date guidance from the Government and Public Health England regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Government has issued advice around travel to and from certain areas as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops. Please read the latest advice HERE.  This is updated regularly.

Can we ask that all swimmers, coaches, volunteers and spectators to follow the hygiene precautions to help reduce the spread of infection. For the latest infection control advice, please click HERE

Swim England members are requested to comply with the latest Government and NHS guidance. This can be found on the Public Health England website. If you feel unwell, please call NHS 111 for advice.

Swim England will be continuing to plan for our events as normal but we will be following Government guidance and assessing risk as appropriate. They will be issuing specific guidance regarding forthcoming Swim England events as necessary to those due to attend.

GM Age Group Gala

What a fabulous weekend; the first gala for our swimmers in 2020:

44 medals

60% PBs

Great job everybody.  All times summarized in the attachment: GtrManAgeGrpsSO010320

Medallist list is found on our twitter feed: Medals