Suggested Sets if swimming

From Tom and mostly targetted at the older swimmers, these sets may be useful if you have access during our closure, to a pool outside of Trafford.


Public swim suggested sets

Time Trials 2 – Results

With Lockdown 2 announced on Saturday, we brought forward our Time Trials from 8th November to multiple sessions on 1st, 3rd and 4th November.  More superb swimming under covid secure conditions brough many more PBs for our swimmers.  It was a shame we had to bring it forward, as we hoped to have run TT2 under Category X competion rules, but sadly, we will have to wait for a future event.

The swimmer times for each group appear below:

Time Trials 2 Junior Dolphins

Time Trials 2 Intermediates

Time trials 2 Performance




Zoom Land Training

Our online diary had just been updated for the new swimming timetable before Lockdown 2 was announced.  Rather than update this to show our Zoom sessions, please take note of the program below.

Please follow your group sessions and aim to attend at least the number of sessions you attended each week.

November zoom timetable