Trafford Development Gala results 02.07.16

Trafford Development Gala 02.07.16

Trafford Development Gala Swimmer Order 02.07.16

Greater Manchester Autumn 2016 Meet

For the older swimmers, there is the chance to take part at the GM Autumn Swim Meet, taking place at Wigan Life Centre, over the weekends of 1st/2nd and 15th/16th October 2016.  The entry forms, consideration times and the rules of the event are attached.  Tom Pope will catch up with parents to see if the swimmers would be interested in taking part and can provide advice on events to enter.  If you would rather not enter, Tom will not mind you telling him.  We ask that entry forms are returned to the desk no later than 31st July, with payments made by cheque, payable to SASC.

2016 Entry Pack Gtr Man Autumn

2016 Entry Pack Gtr Man Autumn Ind Entry Form

Fun Gala 15 July 2016 – Encouraging new swimmers to join Stretford ASC

We would like to invite all swimmers who train at the Sunday sessions 4:30-5:30 and 5:30-6:30 to a Fun Gala on Friday 15th July.  This gala has been designed to enable those individuals who have Swim Well lessons the opportunity to take part in a fun but competitive gala.  It also allows them to swim and compete alongside the club swimmers who are of similar abilities.

Misha is trying to improve and develop a smoother transition between the Swim Well sessions and the club sessions, if they wish to progress. If you are interested in taking part in the Fun Gala then please email Misha with your child’s name, age, time they swim and their teacher’s name to misha_murtagh@hotmail.co.uk before the 8th July. You will later receive a conformation email with further details of the event.

Please note, that due to the gala taking place on the 15th July there will be no training session that evening. 

If any of the older swimmers or parents wish to help out with the running of the gala it would much appreciated. Please contact Misha either in person or via email.