Club officials

President – Sue Cassidy

Chair – Phil Hoyland

Secretary – Claire Earnshaw

Treasurer – Dawn Cole

Welfare /Child Protection Officer Rachel Winter

Head swim Coach – Tom Pope

Assistant Coach – Jared Armstrong

Swim Teacher Level 2 – Shelley Mannion

Swim Teacher Level 1 – Phil Hoyland

Webmaster – Duncan Evanson

Competition / Gala Co-ordinator – Annie Lazenby

Juniors Water Polo Coach – James Moffit

Seniors Water Polo Coach – Simon Jones

Committee members – Phil Hoyland, Anne Rockliffe, Annie Lazenby, Gareth Potts, Simon Jones, Linda Pepper, Chris Webb, Frankie O’Brien, Hanna Critchley, Claire Earnshaw, Duncan Evanson


Any queries should be sent to  Your query will then be directed to the person best appropriate to address it on behalf of SASC.