Pointscore Rules


The object of the competition is to encourage swimming within the Club, covering all levels of ability.

The competition is divided into three groups;

  • Bronze Group swimming over 25 metres.
  • Silver Group swimming mainly over 50 metres.
  • Gold Group swimming mainly over 100 metres.

Each swimmer competes against his / her personal pointscore time which is known as the ‘standard time’ (ST) and points are awarded in accordance with these times (see Points Awarded below).

Trophies are awarded annually to the boy and girl gaining the most points over the years’ competition. These trophies are kept for one year.



  • The recommended maximum times to enter the competition are as follows:-
  • 25m Freestyle 30secs
  • 25m Backstroke 35secs
  • 25m Breaststroke 35secs
  • 25m Butterfly 35secs

Swimmers should ask for a timed swim if necessary.

Promotion from Bronze Group is compulsory on gaining the Bronze Promotion Time in Freestyle plus one other stroke.

Promotion from Silver Group to Gold Group is compulsory on gaining Silver Promotion Time in Freestyle plus one other stroke

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  1. Entry into the competition must be into Bronze Grp unless the swimmer can submit times from an Open Meet or on a form authorised by the Head Coach. These times will become the swimmers S T.
  2. When a swimmer is promoted, or does not have a standard time for an event, then the first recorded Pointscore time will be their ST. All new members without time will be entered into BRONZE GROUP.
  3. All the swimmers times are held on computer and are updated after each meet.
  4. All events will be seeded according to the swimmers standard time eg. the slowest swimmers in heat 1 to the fastest swimmers in the final heat.
  5. 200m Freestyle events shall be swum as Frontcrawl. Any competitor wishing to swim any other stroke will be allowed to do so only after a 200m Frontcrawl time has been established and the Referee informed.
  6. If a swimmer fails to equal or better a ST after 3 consecutive swims, in a particular event, then the swimmers ST will revert to the previous fastest time.
  7. Young, inexperienced, swimmers MUST have the recommendation of their Teacher, before being allowed to enter.
  8. New members must be a member for 4 weeks prior to event to be eligible for entry to enable admin. to be completed. If a swimmers name is not on the data  base their time cannot be entered.


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Points will be awarded as follows:-






More than 2.00 sec slower than  S.T.

1 pt.


1.01 – 2.00 sec slower than S.T.

2 pts


0.01 – 1.00 sec slower than S.T.

3 pts



to Standard Time




Swim with no S.T.

5 pts


0.01 – 1.00 sec faster than S.T.

9 pts


More than 1.00 sec faster than S.T.

10 pts

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A.S.A. Law covering strokes, starts and turns will be applied at all Pointscore meets.



A swimmer may swim a maximum of three events at any Pointscore meet.



On completion of the swim the swimmer will be handed the Pointscore card with the recorded time. The time is also recorded for the computer update and the results will be displayed on the Club notice board with, times, points and swimmers promotion lists. Please note and check this information since it may be required for entry at the next Pointscore.

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The list of Pointscore dates and the card entry dates for the current Pointscore Year are available by clicking HERE



Promotion Times – Bronze to Silver Group (Times must be better than these)

Event Times (secs)
25m Free 21.00
25m Back 24.70
25m Breast 27.20
25m Fly 23.20

Promotion Times – Silver to Gold Group (Times must be better than these)

Event Times (secs)
50m Free 39.00
50m Back 45.50
50m Breast 51.00
50m Fly 45.70

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Pointscore is held on Sunday evenings.

Warm Up Time:- 4.10pm

Start Time:- 4:30pm

As when swimming any gala it is of the utmost importance that you bring as many costumes/trunks & towels as possible to the Pointscore meet. You should also bring AND wear poolside clothing to wear between swims to keep your muscles warm. This should include footwear (NO OUTDOOR shoes are allowed on poolside for Health & Safety reasons) socks, track suit bottoms and preferably a long sleeved T shirt/top. (not your best clothes)

Remember poolside may feel warm but muscles do get cold and cold muscles do not perform well and leave you liable to injury.

After your warm up and after every swim, dry off and put on a dry costume/trunks where possible and then poolside clothes BEFORE you sit down.

Keep a check on the running order and be aware of your Marshal to avoid missing your race or holding up the start of it.

Encourage other swimmers during their races. BUT –

Remain silent for the start of all races.

Swimmers MUST NOT leave the poolside during Pointscore without permission from their Marshall.