Pointscore is a yearly competition held within the club over 3-6  Sundays within the swimming calendar year (September to June). It starts at 4.10pm for warm up and 4:30pm start and usually lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours.It is open to every swimmer regardless of their ability since the swimmer competes against their previous personal best times. We encourage all our swimmers to participate and for all our parents to come and watch them from the viewing gallery to cheer them on! Points are allocated according to how well they have swum in relation to these times and are accumulated over the course of the year. Trophies are awarded annually at the annual Pointscore disco to the boy and girl gaining the most points. These trophies are kept for one year.

If it’s your first Pointscore don’t worry – we have plenty of volunteers poolside to talk to your child and help them work out what they need to do.

Remember get your entry forms in at least ten days prior to the competition (that’s Friday one full week before the event).


We recommend that you become familiar with the rules of Pointscore (here) as this will enhance your enjoyment of the competition.


Pointscore Groups and attendance for the current competition are available below:


Pointscore promotions from the last meeting can be found in the weekly email.