Membership fees and Training Times

Membership fees and Training Times

In order to train with Stretford ASC, you need to be both a member of the Club and of Swim England.

Information detailing the class of membership, subscription rate for membership of Swim England and Swim England categories are provided in the SASC Membership email. In addition, can parents/carers complete the child photography consent form through their Swim Manager account.


Group Session Times Monthly Direct Debit
Mini Dolphins Tues[6:00pm-6:45pm]:Fri[7:00pm-7:45pm]:Sun[4:00pm-5:00pm] £26
Junior Dolphins



Senior Dolphins

Tues [6:45pm-7:30pm]; Fri [7:00pm-7:45pm]; Sun [4:00pm-5:00pm]



Tues [6:45pm-7:30pm]; Sat [6:10pm-7:10pm]






Intermediate 1 Tues [6:00am-7:00am; 6:30pm-7:30pm];Thurs[6:30pm -7:30pm] Sat [7:30am-9am] Invite only; [6:10pm-7:10pm] ; Sun [5:00pm-6:30pm] £39
Intermediate 2  Tues [5:30am-7:00am] ;[8pm-9:15pm] Invite only; Wed [7:15pm- 8:35pm]; Thurs [7:15pm-9:00pm]; Fri [6:30pm-7:45pm]; Sat [7:30-9am]; Sun [5:00pm-6:30pm] £44
Youth Performance Tues [5:30am-7am; 8:00pm-9:15pm] ; Wed [7:15pm-8:35pm] Invite only ; Thurs[7;15pm-9:00pm] Invite only; Fri [7:45pm-9:15pm]; Sat [7:30am-9am]; Sun [6:30pm-8:30pm] £45
Performance Tues [5:30am-7am; 7:30pm-9:15pm]; Wed [7:15pm-9:00pm] ; Thurs[7:15pm-9:00pm]; Fri [7:45pm-9:15pm]; Sat [7:30am-9am]; Sun [6:30pm-8:30pm] £52


1 swim per week :

Mini- Junior-Senior-Dolphins

Inter 1  & Inter 2

Youth & Performance







We have a family friendly policy and apply discounts if you have more than one child from the same family swimming with us.  To qualify for this you must be paying at least £46 each month with one child paying the full monthly fee.  ​Discounts are​ applicable to the lowest monthly fee in the family group as long as they are paying the full monthly fee​:


  • ​​Second child £5 per month​ off 
  • Third child £1​0​ per month​ off 
  • Fourth child free