Membership fees and Training Times

Membership fees and Training Times

In order to train with Stretford ASC, you need to be both a member of the Club and of Swim England.

Information detailing the class of membership, subscription rate for membership of Swim England and Swim England categories are provided in the SASC Membership form.  In addition, can parents/carers complete the child photography consent form to submit with the membership form.

SASC Membership form and Child photography parental consent form

Fees for the training sessions themselves are preferably paid by a monthly standing order, otherwise the price per swim is set at £6.50. The fee structure for regular swimming is as follows:

Group Session Times monthly standing order
Mini Dolphins Fri [6:30pm-7:15pm]; Sun [4:00pm-5:00pm] £23
Junior Dolphins Tue [6:30pm-7:15pm]; Fri [6:30pm-7:15pm]; Sun [4:00pm-5:00pm] £30
Intermediate 1 Mon [7-8pm]; Tue [6-7am; 6:30pm-7:15pm]; Sat [7:30-9am]; Sun [5:00pm-6:15pm] £39
Intermediate 2 Mon [7-8pm]; Tue [6-7am; 7:15pm-8:30pm]; Fri [7:15pm-9pm]; Sat [7:30-9am]; Sun [5:00pm-6:30pm] £44
Youth Performance Tue [5:30-7am; 7:15pm-8:30pm]; Wed [6:30pm-8pm]; Fri [7:15pm-9pm];

Sat [7:30-9am]; Sun [6:15pm-8:00pm]

Performance Tue [5:30-7am; 7:15pm-8:30pm]; Wed [6:30pm-8pm]; Thur [7:30pm-9pm];

Fri [7:15pm-9pm]; Sat [7:30-9am]; Sun [6:15pm-8pm]



Seals 1 swim per week :

mini- junior-Dolphins & Inter 1

Inter 2

Youth & Performance





We continue to offer a family friendly discount, on a sliding scale, based upon 2, 3 or 4 and more swimmers from the same immediate family.