Club Championships 2018 – The Results

Day 1: Massive well done everybody. 72% PBs – wow. Congratulations on five new championship records: Marnie, Eva, Erin, Reuben and Noah

Club Champions: Ana; Chloe S; Erin; Eva W; Grace; Marnie Alfie J; Gionata; Lewis; Noah LT; Reuben

Event results: Day 1 Results Sheet

Swimmer times: Day 2 Swimmer Times

Day 2: Another great session, almost 2 in 3 swims as a PB. Another 5 new club records: Erin, Hannah, Jake and Reuben (2).

Club Champions: Ana; Chloe S; Erin; Eva W; Grace; Hannah; Lourdés; Marnie; Sadie; Scarlett; Alex E; Alfie J;  Ethan; Francesco; Jaeden; Jake; NoahLT; Reuben

Result Sheet:Day 2 Results Sheet

Swimmer Times: Day 2 Swimmer Times

Day 3: a fabulous ending to the 2018 Championships, with nigh on 70% of swimmers as PB.  Over the three days, 68.5% of swims were PBs. Superb.  More new Championship records: Ana; Eva (2); Erin (2); Lourdés; Noah; Simon.

Club Champions: Ana; Chloe S; Erin; Eva W; Grace; Lily D; Lourdés; Marnie; Odette; Alfie M; Jake; Jaeden; Lewis; Noah KT; Simon; Ted.

The Achievement Award for 2018: Alex LH.

Result Sheet: Day 3 Result Sheet

Swimmer Times: Day 3 Swimmer Times