Water Polo update

It’s been a varied week for the U16s this week. Chester decided to concede their fixture, feeling it would be too unbalanced. A friendly with mixed up teams was played instead.
A fixture against Bridgefield, Liverpool resulted in a 15-10 win, with Stretford pulling away towards the end after a pretty close first half.
The U16s remain unbeaten this season.


U14 have had mixed results in their last few matches, they beat Chester at home comfortably but then lost away at Radcliffe the following day. They lost against Tyldsley at home on Saturday but then had a convincing win away against Liverpool on the Sunday.
The U12s have been playing friendlies this year due to a shortage of players. The team will finish the season with a much larger and strengthened squad.
A reminder that anyone interested in finding out more about junior Water Polo please contact us at: stretfordjwpc@gmail.com