Point Score Is Back

A brand new swimming season has started and this year, we are delighted of the return of Point Score.  Six rounds of racing throughout the season for all our swimmers, to record progress in the different stroke disciplines, aiming for promotion from Bronze to Silver or Silver to Gold groups by bettering their times and achieving minimum standard times for promotion, racking up points with an aim to be the top point scorer in the season.

The Rules of Point Score can be found HERE  and the event listing, noting the first event will be 10th October, is HERE.

It’s a great event for all our members [must be a member for at least four weeks before the event] to compete with friends and each of the races are seeded to ensure swimmers with similar times are racing each other.  The event is also open to Water Polo members to enter.

For new members, the £2.50 entry fee allows swimmers to complete in up to three events.  To gain a promotion, two of the standard times must be beaten, one of which must be the freestyle standard time.  (Standard times are posted in the rules link above.)

Tom will speak with Performance 2 group directly about entering the event this season.

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