National Arena Swimming League Round One

Stretford Swimming Team stormed to a fantastic result in the first round of the National Arena Swimming League in Darwen on Saturday.

The team all swam brilliantly to win the Division 2 tie by almost 50 points.

The final result was:


Kendal                183

Lancaster City   175

Chorley Marlins 165

Blackpool B        148

Copeland            146

Head Coach Tom Pope was delighted with the result saying on Twitter (@TommyP_Coach): “So proud of how well everyone did! The ‘best performance in the last 13 years from SASC’ was the quote of the night!”

Swimmers times can be found here: ArenaLgRound1alphabetical ArenaLgRound1eventorder

The league table – which makes nice reading! – can be found here

The Round 2 draw can be found here