Christmas Cracker – Live Results

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After the event, there will be photographs available via Hands Beattie Photography via a secure link to be provided via Flixton Swim Team


Trafford Christmas Cracker Update

Due to the technical issues with Stretford pool (someone let all the water out!) the Trafford Christmas Cracker gala on 16 December will be held at Sale Leisure Centre, Broad Road, Sale, M33 2 AL. Warm up remains at 8am. Thanks to Trafford Leisure and the clubs for helping ensure the gala can still go ahead. Sorry for any inconvenience that might be caused by the change of venue.


Trafford Christmas Cracker programme

The provisional programme for this Sunday’s Trafford Christmas Cracker gala at Stretford Sports Village can be found here: Trafford Christmas Cracker Provisional Programme of Events


National Arena Swim League

what an awesome result on Saturday. Promotion in successive years, finishing second this season to City of Stoke, having been ranked fourth going into the final. Brilliant effort from the team, focused, determined and still swimming fast after Club Champs.

  1. Cosaccs
  2. Stretford
  3. Carnforth Otters
  4. Everton
  5. Prescot
  6. Bebingtin

The swimmer’s Event Times are available: Swimmer times

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New County Consideration Times

Ckub Championships 18 not only brought a host of new records, but also 30 Lancashire County Championship consideration times.

Ana, Marnie, Alex E and Alfie J continue their fine form of last season, gaining eight more times, with Rory qualifying this year too, we have 10 more first time qualifiers from Champs 18: Chloe S; Eva W; Harriet; Grace; Lily D; Lucy B; Sadie; Scarlett; Gionata; Toby.

Well Done everybody. Our list is getting longer, adding these to the times earlier this season.

Details on our Insta page.


2018 Club Championships Role of Honour / Records

What a great weekend of swimming in this season’s Club Championships.  The third oldest championship record broken by Erin H by 1/100th of a second (Clare Crewdson’s 1983 100m Butterfly) amongst 20 other new records set.  Asking around after the event, there was nobody to recall 21 records going in a single Championships.  Nearly every swimmer set at least 1 PB during the event, near enough 70% of swims being new best times.

The 2018 Champions Roll of Hour is HERE

The updated list of Championship Record Holders is in the link Championship Records (end 2018)

Having said goodbye to that 1983 record, the three oldest records are now:

1977’s Boys (9y) 25m freestyle 16.20 seconds

1988’s Girls (10/11y) 50m freestyle 31.71 seconds

1990’s Boys (14y under) 200m IM 2.25:80

Records by decade:

70’s = 1; 80’s = 1; 90’s = 22; 00’s = 11; 10’s = 60

NEXT UP: National Arena Swim League –  Promotion Final to Premier League (8th December)

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Club Championships 2018 – The Results

Day 1: Massive well done everybody. 72% PBs – wow. Congratulations on five new championship records: Marnie, Eva, Erin, Reuben and Noah

Club Champions: Ana; Chloe S; Erin; Eva W; Grace; Marnie Alfie J; Gionata; Lewis; Noah LT; Reuben

Event results: Day 1 Results Sheet

Swimmer times: Day 2 Swimmer Times

Day 2: Another great session, almost 2 in 3 swims as a PB. Another 5 new club records: Erin, Hannah, Jake and Reuben (2).

Club Champions: Ana; Chloe S; Erin; Eva W; Grace; Hannah; Lourdés; Marnie; Sadie; Scarlett; Alex E; Alfie J;  Ethan; Francesco; Jaeden; Jake; NoahLT; Reuben

Result Sheet:Day 2 Results Sheet

Swimmer Times: Day 2 Swimmer Times

Day 3: a fabulous ending to the 2018 Championships, with nigh on 70% of swimmers as PB.  Over the three days, 68.5% of swims were PBs. Superb.  More new Championship records: Ana; Eva (2); Erin (2); Lourdés; Noah; Simon.

Club Champions: Ana; Chloe S; Erin; Eva W; Grace; Lily D; Lourdés; Marnie; Odette; Alfie M; Jake; Jaeden; Lewis; Noah KT; Simon; Ted.

The Achievement Award for 2018: Alex LH.

Result Sheet: Day 3 Result Sheet

Swimmer Times: Day 3 Swimmer Times