City of Salford Gala

A targeted meet for a small number of swimmers and was great to have Ehi gain a Lancs County time, along with plenty of medals.

Over half the swims were PBs and swimmer times are available here: Salford Open Oct 2019

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Club Champs 2019 (entry pack updated)

29 November

30 November

1 December

The entry pack is now available on the Club Desk and in the link below.

This season, for the first time, to have you all competing, all junior members get one entry for free.

2019 Club Champs EntryForm

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Point Score Results

A wonderful first round of Point Score 2020 with 2/3 of times being PBs.

Swimmer Times 13 10 19

congratulations  to promoted swimmers:

Bronze to Silver: Louisa; Lillyanne; Anelise; Umar; Reuben; Frederick; Adrian R; Hugh

Silver to Gold: Lyra; Francesca; Benjy

2020 R1 Promotions

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National Arena Swim League

Round 1

Awesome result from the team last Saturday. 5th place may mean a relegation dog fight in R3, but it was wonderful to see the whole team supporting each other and determination in the pool scrapping for every point.
As a Club, we’re punching above our weight in Premier Division, but it showed the coaching and hard training is paying off.

Overall after the first round we’re 10th overall and will be up against it in R2 (November) v Stockport, Southport, Salford, Stoke, Wrexham, Winsford and Hirwich.

Swimmer times (45 PBs) are here:

NASL Swimmer Times



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How to – – – enter gala via Swim Manager


GM Autumn Meet – Days 3 and 4

A successful second weekend in Wigan with over 68% PB times.

A good group of medals over both weekends from 14 medalists.  All six medalists from the first weekend picked up further bling along with Reuben, Alex C, Adam, Noah LT, Kymberlee, James, Ben and Toby R.

Gold 15

Silver 10

Bronze 9

Times from the second weekend are here: GtrManAutumnSO061019

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PBs and Age Group Records – update 7.10.19

An update PB listing is now published, after this weekend’s conclusion to GM Autumn Meet.

Also updates are the Age Group Records.

So the latter becomes easier to find online, they are now kept with the PB listing.

PB and Age Group Records lists